Boston Mifgash – Until We Meet Again

The concluding weekend of the Boston Mifgash is an emotional time. Friendships that have just begun will soon have to adjust to a distanced reality. A new discovered land will turn into a memory. Newly welcomed house guests are slowly packing their suitcases. First – Shabbat, dinner, family time, are turning into last.

While trying to balance the time we spend together as a group, with the time we spend together as families, and together with friends, the weekend program included a joint Shabbat dinner and service at Kerem Shalom, led by the wonderful Rabbi Darby, a community Havdallah led by the inspiring Rabbi Polisson of Or Atid, teen concluding activity, and a farewell BBQ. The powers that are this year’s HiBuR have managed to create space and time for a bonfire and a sleepover as well. All within 48 hours.

Gathered in David’s back yard, as the airport bus patiently, yet presently awaits its role, we tried to verbalize and share our individual experiences from the mifgash. Words just weren’t enough. Another hug, another picture, another tear. A collection of teens, parents, siblings, teachers. A new community, only trying to say, Lehitraot.

Thank you.

The Boston Mifgash is a community driven event, which would not have been possible without the contribution, participation, and hard work of all the following people:

For mentoring, guiding, building bridges, and funding:

  • Marla Olsberg, Pam Weil, and Iris Schor of the CJP

For inviting us into their synagogues, learning, sharing, and celebrating with us:

  • Rabbi Josh Breindel, Cantor Lorel Zar-Kessler, Beth Schine, and Jane Johnston of Congregation Beth El
  • Rabbi Lisa Eiduson and Orna Sonneschein of Congregation B’nai Torah
  • Beth Goldstein of Congregation Beth Elohim
  • Rabbi Louis Polisson, Orna Sonnenschein, and Lauren Kaplan of Congregation Or Atid
  • Rabbi Darby Leigh and Nancy Kaplan of Kerem Shalom
  • Geri Segel of Temple Beth Sholom
  • Rabbi Andy Vogel, Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman, and Sam Blumberg of Temple Sinai

For relentlessly leading and amazing group of Israeli students:

  • Hagit Greenberg
  • Evyatar Guzner
  • Inbal Gilad

For guiding the group and traveling by bus, foot, and ferry, in New York and in Boston:

  • Rabbi Lisa Eiduson
  • Scott Newman

And last, but definitely not least, for being a source of inspiration for the program, for guiding, inspiring, inviting us into our home, and making sure everyone have the best experience they could wish for – the amazing David Strauss.

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