Israel – Day 1

Dear HiBur Families and Friends,

We have arrived in Haifa after a long but pleasant journey together. Our flights were very crowded - both to Munich and then to Tel Aviv. But everyone settled in well, and the choice of movies and music on our flight from Boston to Munich was excellent. We were all seated in one area, and a few people actually got a little bit of sleep on that first flight. We arrived late in Munich due to some last minute snow and de-icing at Logan. Therefore, in Munich, we went directly to the Tel Aviv gates and only took a few minutes to use the bathrooms and get ready for our next flight.

Many who did not sleep on the trans-Atlantic flight slept on the 3.5 hour trip from Munich to Tel Aviv....but it was certainly not long enough!

Tel Aviv is beautiful as always...the kids compared their first glances from the air to be like Florida or California. It is definitely chilly and windy. But weather here can change at any moment. Once in Tel Aviv, we got through Passport Control in record time, and our bags came off just as we entered baggage claim. And as we walked through customs....we were greeted by our Israeli friends who had all made the trip to meet us in Tel Aviv. Lots of happy noise -- screaming and laughing -- as students and staff members reunited! After changing some money at the airport, we all got on the bus for the ride to Haifa.

The kids talked, sang, laughed, and planned together. We drove directly to the Huggim School where we were met with fantastic snacks by way of a welcome. The families of the Israeli students were all there to pick everyone up and take students home for a much-needed good night of sleep! We have checked in with the students via What's App, as planned, and everyone seems to be happy to be in Haifa.

A few picture are attached. Tomorrow's blog post will also contain some words directly from the students. My personal favorite comment of the day was Kristina's who commented on the state of the bathrooms at the Munich Airport: "That was the nicest, cleanest bathroom I have ever been in! I have never seen a towel dispenser like that in my life!"

More tomorrow....good night!

Rabbi Lisa Eiduson

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