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Boston Mifgash – NYC, Day 2

How much of NYC can one see in one day? Apparently, a whole lot! From the Lower East Side to Midtown, our teens learned about the history of Jewish immigration to New York, competed in a challenging urban scavenger hunt, explored landmarks around Times Square, and celebrated a very special Havdallah 1,254 feet in the air. Again, no one better to share their adventures with but the teens themselves.

Yesterday was really fun because it was our second day together so we all knew each other better. It was really fun when we were all like dancing on the street and buying crazy sunglasses on Canal Street together.

Becca G


Yesterday we had so much fun going to many different places throughout the day. It was so cool going to the One World Trade Center and seeing the top of New York! I loved going to Times Square and getting even closer with everyone!

Amanda S

Yesterday we went on a scavenger hunt around time square. On the scavenger hunt we went to the M&M store and Grand Central Station. We also saw the building where SNL and the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon are filmed.

Alexa K


Yesterday was very fun, and I enjoyed all of the fun activities. I really felt like I bonded with others a lot more yesterday.

Eli T


I had a lot of fun. Exploring Times Square was really fun. I also found the Tenement museum Interesting and surprising because of the living conditions. I liked the scavenger hunt but it was difficult to stay engaged because of where we were.

Eli G

Yesterday was so much fun! I got to walk around with my new friends and explore Times Square and take pictures. It was also very cool to go to the Tenement Museum since I am learning about it in school.

Kate S


Saturday was an amazing experience with all the group! We learned lots of interesting stories about family’s history at the Tenement Museum! We had a fun time at Time Square along with doing a exciting scavenger hunt!

Kristina D


Yesterday was a really fun day I enjoyed going on Canal Street, going to Times Square, and the Freedom Tower which had a really beautiful view, but most of all I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone even if we were just walking around. I feel that we have all gotten really close and I’m happy I get to interact with all of these people.

Alex S


Yesterday was cool going to the Tenement museum again. We got to go in smaller groups and spend time with each other in Time Dquare during a scavenger hunt and at night.

Ethan G
On the second day in New York, we went to the Tenement Museum, Chinatown, Times Square, and the Freedom Tower. At the Tenement Museum, we learned about the lives of first and second generation Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe living on the Lower East Side. Many of them worked very hard in factories for several hours a day with very little pay. Furthermore, we learned about the role of Jewish immigrants in the creation of labor unions, as well as how the community was affected following the immigration quotas that came during WWII. We then had lunch in Chinatown before exploring Times Square.  Finally, we went to the top of the Freedom Tower, where we had a Havdallah service. It was very beautiful to be holding the service with the entire city beneath us, but it was also incredibly meaningful to be doing it in a crowded place. To be practicing my Judaism publicly gave me immense pride and confidence. Overall, it was a wonderful second day, and I cannot wait for the rest of my time with this wonderful group!

Sofia R


Yesterday was indeed a special day. Packed with activities and very tiring I had a great time and liked everything. I liked the Times Square because it is a special site and it just shows what mankind are able to achieve.

Yarin H


The Times Square was a great experience and the view of New York from 102 floors was amazing.

Danielle S

I enjoyed yesterday being at the top of the tallest building in New York and seeing all of New York and I also enjoyed walking around Times Square.

Maya A

Yesterday was really fun. We went to World Trade Center-it was very unique and special.

Goni A


Yesterday was a fun day! We played scavenger hunt in the Time Squier, my team was so good! In Skyline the view was so beautiful!

Mika G


So this day was so fun and so intense we have done so many things. So the museum was so interesting and we saw how people lived so many years ago. I also very liked the hunt I think it really bonding. Also the Times Square was super cool I wish we had more time there.

Ester S


Boston Mifgash – NYC, Day 1

The wait is finally over. After months of anticipation, and weeks communicating online, our teens finally met in person. It is hard to believe this was only 24 hours ago, as so much has happened since. For the naked eye, watching who the teens sit next to on the bus, who they talk to when we walk the streets, who they share a meal with, it would be impossible to tell these are two groups of practically strangers.

I’ve been thinking of ways to describe our first day together in NYC, but nothing nothing could compare to the words of the teens themselves, so without further ado.

On our first day in New York, we went to Ellis Island, Battery Park, and then to a Shabbat service at Romemu, a liberal synagogue on West 103rd Street. At Ellis Island, through various activities, we learned what what we have in common, both in terms of daily life as well as in regards to our histories. We then hung out at Battery Park for a while before going to a Shabbat service at Romemu. It was very interesting to see both the similarities and the differences in the ways other liberal Jews practice. Additionally, the Rabbi’s sermon was tremendously powerful; he talked about the importance of confronting truths one may be uncomfortable with, and connected it with Dr. Ford and the Kavanaugh hearings. Overall, it was a very intense and fascinating first day, and it makes me very excited for the rest of the trip.
– Sofia R

The first day was super fun, we got to spend time with our new friends at Ellis Island, and later had dinner at a cool mexican restaurant and had lots of fun.
– Ethan G

I enjoyed the first day, it was fun. I am glad that I’m happy with the person that I was put with.
– Eli T

The past day was really fun we got to meet the Israelis for the first time in person and we went to some really nice places with them, as well as getting to play pool and ping pong with them when we got back to the hostel.
– Alex S

It was so exciting to finally meet everyone yesterday! I loved going on the ferry to Ellis Island and the Mexican restaurant where they played music live! I can’t wait for the rest of the trip and to spend more time with everyone!
– Amanda S

Yesterday we went to Ellis Island and quickly passed by the Statue of Liberty. At Ellis Island we played games to get to know each other better.
– Alexa K

I had a amazing time meeting all the Israelis! We had a great time together on the bus and on Elis Island!
Kristina D

i enjoyed the first day it was really exhausting though. I’m glad I get along with Guy and I am really excited for the rest of the trip!
– Drew C

I loved meeting everyone and making a bunch of new friends on Ellis Island and going on the boat. It was also super fun to eat with everyone and celebrate Sophia’s birthday at the Mexican Restaurant that had live music.
– Julia P

We went on a ferry to Ellis Island and it was really exciting because I got to make a bunch of new friends I will have for a lifetime!
Kate S

I enjoyed the first day. I was very tired for a little part of it because I woke up at 5. The dinner at the Mexican place was the activity I liked most. –
– Eli G

Yesterday was a fun day… I was really excited to meet my American host and had great time with him
– Nadav C

The Mexican restaurant was great. Everyone was so happy and I loved the songs and food.
– Danielle S

yesterday was very good day because we met the Amricans at the first time and it was very cool. And I really liked the statue of liberty.
– Elad A

Yesterday was a very fun day, I enjoyed going on the furry and traveling around town, liked the temple and the restaurant.
– Yarin H

My experience from yesterday was amazing. The synagogue was special. The Mexican food was good, the music was cool and all the time the customers in the other table always cheers.
– Mika G

It’s amazing. The Americans and us have a special bond, we’re all together and we’re having so much fun. This is definitely something I will never forget.
– Noam S

.I liked the food and the cold weather as well as the ferry and the walk around the city
– Guy S

We immediately connected. they’re amazing and the experiences we share together will stay with me for life.
– Noa K